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american tans

22 11:32:26

Hi my names donneisha and im interested in raising american tans but whats the best color to have and what other breed of  rabbit is very good for entering into fairs cause i wanna go to state next year.

P.S. please answer my questions cause last time the other person didnt quite understand what i was asking thank you!!

Donneisha, HI!  American Tans are a beautiful breed. Most people who start with them find that the Black and Tan is the prettiest for a beginner. the chooclates are my personal favorite, and they also come in lilac Tan and Blue Tan.   Other rabbits that are good for fairs are Minirex (about 4 pounds)and Mini Lops (about 7 pounds), as they are easy to raise and are usually gentle, and come in many colors.  Please look at the american Tan rabbit web site for some good sources, and at the site for many breeds that you may find interesting. best wishes, and happy new Year, Steve