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floppy bunny

22 11:24:42

Hi there, a few moments ago I found my house rabbit was unable to move very far it seems he was either in pain  or was restricted to move his back leg. He is able to lurch forward but only a few inches.
This has happened before but well over six months ago and he recovered fine. The vet and I agreed that this may have been caused by an allergic reaction to an injection but since then we have not gave him any more.
A friend told us it could be caused by bunny flu do you have any ideas what could have caused this? A speedy reply would be greatly appreciated.


There are a number of things that could cause this.  He could have a spinal injury, or he could have e cunniculi, or several other things.  The best thing to do would be have him checked by a rabbit-knowledgeable vet to see what is going on and also to get appropriate pain medication if he is still in pain.

You can find information on e cunniculi at  This same site also have information on other medical conditions and care of disabled rabbits.

Definitely check in with a vet ASAP and make sure that if he still can't move you help him with going to the bathroom so he doesn't get it all over him.