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unwiling to eat greens

22 11:21:39

my rabbits has teeth problems which include, one missing, spurs on the one at the same side, and teeth growing horizontal, at the other side, into his cheek and tongue. He is less than 2 yrs old, and has had his teeth filed 3 times, once, 3 months ago and the last time being 1 week ago. he was eating fine after the anasetic until sat 3 days after the anasetic and now he is still eating but a lot less than he was after the op, and little if any greens this has been for the last 3 days. he is eating about  the same as before his teeth were filied. he is on painkillers. what should i do.

Dear Jack,

Sounds like this will be a lifelong maintenance thing, unless your vet thinks it would be best to actually remove the problematic teeth (an absolutely last resort, since this could also promote infection, and is quite painful in the short term).

If he's still not eating well after his dental work, I would ask the vet to have a quick look into the mouth to see if anything is amiss (or was missed!), since the slightest pain can discourage him from eating normally.

If the teeth are fine, I would suggest you cut all his greens up into very small bits that he can prehend and eat with minimal chewing, at least for a little while.  It's possible that he's just still sore from the manipulation (especially if his mouth was held open very wide for a while, which can make the jaw muscles sore!).

Please contact your vet so you can have a double-check of his teeth ASAP.  I hope all is fine!