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backyard exercise

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A couple of months ago we took our 7 month old spayed female rabbit outside for the first time. We had her in an enclosed space and she loved it, but ate tons of grass. Over the next 36 hours she stopped eating, drinking, peeing and pooping. As I was on the verge of taking her to the emergency vet, she came around and all is well. However, I would like to take her out for exercise more regularly but am worried she ate so much grass it stopped up her digestive system. Is that what might have happened? And if so, will she gradually learn to pace herself? Because of my husband's allergies we can't have her roaming the house, but I'd like for her to get more exercise. Any suggestions would be appreciated - thanks! (We currently have her in a space inside that is fenced off by a doggie enclosure)

Dear Mary,

It's very unlikely that she ate too much grass, since that is a natural diet for a rabbit.  However, any sudden dietary changes can cause digestive problems in a bunny who is particularly sensitive.  Please check here for a healthy rabbit diet:

If she's used to getting a good amount of greens, then she should have no trouble with grass.

I am more concerned that the grass might have been sprayed with pesticide or fertilizer, and the residues might have made her sick.  Or possibly she ingested a weed that was somewhat toxic, and caused this reaction.  If there was mold on or in the grass that she ingested, this could cause a problem.  It's hard to know without more information.

If you even suspect that there might be pesticide or fertilizer residue on the grass, don't let her on it.  Consider that a neighbor spraying might have misted over to your area, if you didn't spray.  

I hope this helps.