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female doe

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Hello ,., how are you

          I was wondering i you can answer me a question or 2 ,, i have 2 rabbits and i think that the doe maybe pregnant , , ok , the other day i came home , and i found alot of hair all over the floor and cage , and that also happened the other day that i woke up i came down stairs , and the same thing , alot of hair everywhere. ,,, also ,., if  i can help her make a nest  ,, out of what material  can i make it out of ,,,

              Thank you  

1) seperate the nest building doe from the buck.
2) give her a nice clean nest - this can be out of strong clean cardboard box - the size of the doe ( not to much bigger )cut the cardboard so that the top is free and one of the smaller sides has a lip about 8 inches on it.  Give her lots of clean dry hay to make a nest with.  Sometimes it is good to tie the nest to the side of the cage so she cannot tip it over.

go to in the fotos page and you can see what I use for nests - 19 liter plastic  - humm do not know the word in English - jugs ?

Pregnancy lasts 31 days more or less - there is nothing sweeter than a nest full of baby bunnies - at 15 days they are sooo adorable !

You are sure that the other rabbit is a male ???  Rabbits can have false pregnancies, and bulid nests and then have nothing to put in them.