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Plz Help. Rabbit barely breathing!

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I just came home from work, my rabbit was in the cage and is barely breathing, his nose is wet, he barely can move. i tried to give him some water but it seemed as it made him choke.

I live in a lil town far from anywhere, and the vets r far away. maybe someone could help me plz.

plz call me if u can 1 (705) 333 3525

Answer -
I just tried to call you Andre but you were not home.

I need more information to be able to help you.

1) how old is the rabbit ?
2) what do you feed him  ?
3) can he sit up ?
4) what does he weigh ?
5) is he pooping normally ?
6) did he have water available to drink ?


Sheila thank u for such quick response, I was home just couldn't run fast enough to get ur phone call.

the rabbit is not pooping at all.
I tried to give him water, he started to drink and then chocked almost like he would throw up. after that he got a runny nose and began breathing really deeply. he can stand on his feet. I m not sure about his age also about his weight. I would guess arround 1 year and 1 kg.

Right now I wrapped him into a blanket and placed him in a dry room. But seems as he is getting worse. has no strenght at all.

Answer -
AS I said by phone - keep him in a room with no drafts, give him dry hay and water with some electrolytes until you can get him to a vet with antibiotics.


Sheila what dose, could i give him of penecilin?
if I have 1 tablette, of 783.3 mg. what is the minimum and maximum doesage?

Andre I do not recommend giving him oral penacilin because it would destroy his normal intestinal flora and then he would have two problems instead of one.

I give .1ml of penprocillin injectable per kilo of body weight - - this med is very thick and needs to be administered with a large 21 gauge needle - on a small rabbit it is a delicate procedure.  I really do advise you to take the bunny to a vet asap.