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my rabbit is scared of people

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well, my grandparents have a ranch and to make the ranch  feel more like a ranch, the have a buch of animals.  One of those species of animals was a rabbit.  He bought 4 -1 male and 3 females.  so... they of course, multiplied like rabbits and now i have a rabbit of my own.  I  have had 3 rabbits and this is my 4th.  The problem is he won't come near me when I even open our slider door near the rabbit cage.  He's about 1 month and aprox.10 inches long, so he's still a baby, but i used to have one that just recently died that was still a very small baby (She could still fit in the palm of my hand) and she was the most friendly little thing.  Please help me solve my problem, I want a happy and long relationship with him(Jack) without any problems Thanx!

P.S. don't make your explanation too difficult,im only 12

Is he weaned from his mom yet?  Has she stopped nursing him?  In rabbits that happens at 6 to 8 weeks.

Does he not like a smell on you?  Maybe you smell like strong perfume, or smoke, or a dog?  Many rabbits don't like strong smells and shy away from them.

Can you get him to eat out of your hand?  That would be a good way to get him to come up to you.  Find something he likes but make sure he only gets it from you.

Those would be the most common, I hope that helps you out.