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lop rabbits

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how do i tell what type of lop rabbit i have?

If it has long hair, you have an American Fuzzy Lop.

If it is small with short ears, you either have a Holland Lop or a Mini Lop. Mini Lops are usually 4 1/2 to 6 1/2 pounds, but they can be somewhat larger or smaller. Holland Lops are usually under 4 pounds, but again, they can be larger.

Very large lops are either English Lops or French Lops. English Lops have very, very long ears that drag way past the feet. French Lops have shorter ears.

Those are all the breeds that are showable in the USA. There is also a breed called a Velveteen Lop. It looks like a small English Lop, but with velvet-soft fur.

Then there are Plush Lops and Canadian Plush Lops. Plush Lops look like Mini Lops, but with the velvet-soft fur. Canadian Plush Lops have the velvet-soft fur, but with waves or curls in it.