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rabbits season

22 10:59:14

i have a continental giant rabbit she is 12months old.ive noticed some blood in her water in her litter tray a couple of times in the past 2months is this normal.

Dear Sue,

It's never normal to see random spots of blood.  If this is an unspayed female, it's important to have your vet spay her ASAP, since she has a very high risk of uterine cancer. We see this even in quite young rabbits.

You can find a good rabbit vet here:

and read more about the importance of spaying females here:

Fortunately, uterine adenocarcinoma is most often completely cured by a spay, so if this is done promptly, her risk of metastasis is not great.

Other possible causes of blood in odd places would include broken toenails, bladder stone or other injury. But in an unspayed female, my first fear is always hemorrhage from a uterine problem.

I hope this helps.