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Chewing andToys

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Hi I have a one year old Harlequin rabbit who LOVES to chew!! She chews on everything in sight but doesn't seem to like anything I buy her.  She loves to chew on paper and I was wondering if it is bad for her to chew on and eat. Also what kinds of toys or other safe household items can I get for her so she will stop hurting my things!
Thank You!

Hi Katie

First you want to get some apple bitter spray safe for small animals.  I buy mine at

When you call them they will take your order over the phone and shipping is expensive so if you can find $35 worth of stuff you want shipping is free.  I always just buy enough stuff to make shipping free.  Also make sure you tell them its for rabbits.  They will talk with the pharmacist to make sure you get the spray that is safe for rabbits and small animals and not the one for ferrets.

Once you get the spray use it on your furniture, the carpet and basically any area's she is chewing that she isn't supposed to be.

As for paper well she shouldn't be eating mounds of it but a little bit isn't going to hurt her. If she is eating a lot of paper I would make sure you are giving her papaya supplements every day.  You can get them at any health food store and rabbits love the taste of them.  They help dissolve fur balls and help the stomach to digest things that it normally can't digest.  They also will never hurt her unless you sit there and feed her the whole bottle.

Any toys made out of hard plastic are safe.  Since she does like to chew try making her big huge play area's out of cardboard.  She will chew and eat the cardboard also but its thicker so hopefully she will eat less.  Get some of those hard plastic baby rattles, make sure they don't have any of the softer plastic on them, if they do take it off or she could choke.  I use those baby key chains a lot and take the piece with the soft plastic off and give them the rest to toss around.  I also love those large gerbil balls with the smaller noisier ball inside.  They seem to love to roll the balls around at night while you are trying to sleep.  Try shoving fresh hay into paper towel rolls, it won't hurt her to eat the paper towel roll again as long as she isn't eating to much of it.  I would suggest a phone book but since she is an eater and not a digger there is to much dye in the paper.

You can buy baskets at a store called The Busy Bunny.  They have all sorts of stuff.  I don't have their address handy but you can do an Internet search for the busy bunny and the store should pop up.  If you look through their items you can get tons of ideas.  I get many idea's from their and twice a year I buy all my rabbits one of their deluxe un-treated wicker baskets filled with all sorts of stuff that is safe for them to chew on.

I hope this helps and if you need anything else please let me know.