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abnormal gait/hop

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I have two 2 yr old Netherland dwarf/mini lop mixed bunnies, brother and sister each has been fixed/neutered. They reside in an outdoor enclosed natural "Rabbitat" we made for them, along with soil they have made burrows in. The soil is enclosed as well. The female "Wuzzles" is still eating and doesn't have any lumps or obvious wounds, but suddenly she has an abnormal, clumsy gait. She seems to shake more, even though her ears are upright and otherwise doesn't appear to be frightened. They eat timothy hay and pellets mainly, with fresh leafy lettuce, carrots and apples daily as well. I recently have been giving them big dandelions to eat. "Rock-o" her brother seems healthy, but protective of her.  Wuzzles does have a strange swirled shedding pattern to her fur. What do you think has caused her slow, awkward hop? Her brother could have it as well, not showing symptoms yet? Are their any medications to help? We've had these bunnies since they were weeks old and love them dearly. Thank you.

Dear Lulu,

There are many different things that can cause an unusual gait, including (but not limited to) traumatic injury, infection by certain parasites (e.g., Encephalitozoon cuniculi or the dreaded raccoon roundworm, Baylisascaris procyoni), renal disease causing neurological problems, etc.  But the bottom line is that you cannot diagnose nor treat these on your own.  You will need a good rabbit vet to do the proper examination and diagnosis, and the prescribe the appropriate treatment for whatever is ailing Wuzzles.

Please find a good vet here:

and get her there ASAP for examination.  She could have broken a bone, and this needs to be stabilized and treated immediately for it to not cause more serious problems.  Whatever it is, I would not wait long to have it treated.

I hope this helps!