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Help? after birth?

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my daughters rabbit had 9 babies the other day. When we noticed in the morning that she was in labor, she had something coming out of her canal. Later that evening, she still had not had her babies. Well we left her alone and the next morning she had had her babies. That was 2 days ago. Well she was fine up until now. She is pushing something out of her canal. It looks like what was coming out the other day, only worse. It's huge. I though it could be after birth. But it looks like a sausage with a sack. This is a Californian. Please if you can help.

Dear Yvonne,

If you *can* find a vet at this hour, then it would be wise to get her there *immediately*.  You can find a good rabbit vet here:

and this should be your first option.

If you cannot get her to a vet at this hour, then you must try to help her deliver this by gently pulling it out while she pushes.  If she cannot deliver what is probably another baby, she may die in trying.

Bring her into a quiet area, and try to get her to lie down calmly.  While one person steadies her and strokes her head, the other person should pull on the object coming out of her vulva.  If it's really stuck, you may have to push it backwards a little bit and change its position until it comes out easily.

Do not wait to get her to a vet or to help her get this out, since the strain could cause her to go into cardiac arrest if she is unable to do it herself.

If you have a chance, please let me know how she's doing!

I hope this helps, and that she and her babies will be fine soon.