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personality change

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i got a bunny from the pet store about 4 months ago. she's around 6 months old right now and until a week ago she was the sweetest thing. recently she has been extremely aggressive and  has been dropping pellets all over the house. she hasn't been spayed yet and i was wondering if it that could be the reason for this sudden aggressive behavior.


Just wanted to add that the vet should put her on pain meds (metacam) and also post-op antibiotics to prevent infections from the procedure (like baytril).  If the vet won't give a few days pain meds, as this is a significant procedure on a female rabbit, go to a vet who does know the importance of pain management in rabbits.  If they are in pain, they stop moving and stop eating.  If they stop eating they will go into gi stasis and can die.


Hi Addison,

she has hit sexual maturity.  You will need to get her spayed by a good rabbit vet (not all are) to get your well-mannered/less aggressive bunny back.  It will take anywhere from 2-5 weeks after the spay for her hormones to drop to her new, lower levels, so just be aware it won't be instantaneous.

If you need to find a good rabbit vet, go here:

for a House Rabbit Society-recommended vet in your area.