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Pet rabbit with lumps all over his back

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Just recently we noticed lumps on my daughters pet rabbit. Some of the lumps are large in size and some are small. We noticed before(a month ago) he had only one which was not very big so we decided to wait and see if it would get bigger. Now he has them all over his back and on his stomach. They seem to have a secretion that comes out when we checked to see if they are free moving or attached. It is very thick almost pimple like. My question is, is this a common skin condition or cause for serious concern. He is four years old, has a large appetite (if his bowl is empty he wants food), lives in a wire cage(paws and feet are in great condition he gets regular exercise). I am just wondering if he may have something wrong with him as otherwise his health is perfect.

Dear Tammy,

This is definitely not normal, and should be seen/treated ASAP by a good rabbit vet:

It could be botfly warbles or abscesses, and either requires medical treatment.  Please provide the poor bunny with proper veterinary care right away!

I hope this helps!