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My Rabbit Plato - UPDATE please read

22 10:40:01

Hello Lee,
This afternoon we were re-introducing my rabbit to its "friends" since we took it into the vet to be neutered. All of them are bucks so naturally they are all territorial. They of course started to fight and we instantly broke it up with a jet of icy water form a nearby spray bottle. Later my favorite rabbit Plato,Our beloved smokey pearl Holland lop, Took a dive of of our 8 1/2 ft. deck we began to search for him and finally found him under our shed we got him out gently and checked him over he has mild cuts from the fights, he did not appear to have any other injuries he can hop around but he doesn't seem to like to move at all I have been brushing his fur and drying him off from this morning's water and have fed him delicious juicy apples! I have been asking everyone if I need to take him into the vet HELP!!!


Hi Andrew,

I didn't mean to scare you or make you more nervous.  That is not what answering a question should do.

Don't panic about this.  Besides rabbits can pick up we're stressed out and then they get stressed out.  Just try to keep a level head.

All you really need to do is take hom in, get him examined by a good rabbit vet.  Explain to the vet what happened and that you are concerned as you love your rabbit and want to simply make sure there's nothing wrong with him.  The fact he isn't moving the same after the fall struck you as an item of concern.

Just bring him in to a good rabbit vet as soon as you can.  If they are booked you can mention the circumstances and concern because he's a rabbit (more delicate, things go south with rabbits faster than cats/dogs) and see if they can get you in earlier.

I am sorry if I made you feel like he was imminently going to die.  The problem is that rabbits mask their injuries and illnesses and sometimes you don't really know how bad something is until it's too late.  I was telling you this so that you would not put off going to the vet only to find your beloved boy had passed away a few days, a week later and you're sitting there thinking, "I didn't see any signs."

So first, try to relax and calm down.  You simply need to take him in to the vet for an exam, and explain what happened.  Make sure the vet knows it was a pretty high fall he took.  Also make sure he examines any cuts your rabbit has.

In the future, you may not want to do the 'multiple bunnies' thing.  The only time you need to do that is if you are going to bond two rabbits together permanently.  Otherwise there is no real reason to do so as they will get scuffed up and a serious injury could happen.



Hi Andrew,

yes, you take him to the vet.  You ALWAYS take a pet to the vet if you are wondering if you should or not.

That is a very long height for a rabbit to drop.  He may have injured his front legs or back.  Him not moving is a symptom that he's in pain and something is not right.

Get to a good rabbit vet as soon as you possibly can.  Do not put it off.  Rabbits mask the seriousness of injuries.  He could be dead quickly.  He is already weak.