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bunny lost her friend

22 10:36:06

I have just had to have one of my bunnies smudge to sleep, I have another rabbit daisy who did not live in the same cage as smudge as the used to battle. I used to push their cages together at night to stop the cold getting to them so they were close on a night and could see each other. also during the day they would sit outside each others cages when out for a run. I am worried that Daisy will miss smudge even though they did not live in the same hutch. should I get another rabbit even it will never be able to live with daisy as she will not accept other rabbits?

Hi Diane,

I am so sorry you lost Smudge...that is never easy to deal with.  Domestic rabbits are social and we have found that they do grieve when a friend is lost.  We try to find them another friend as soon as possible.  While it might be diffucult for us, it is just part of life for a rabbit.

It is possible to bond Daisy with another rabbit.  This is generally easier if both rabbits have been fixed....and is usually easier in opposite sex bondings.  If you are interested in learning how to bond rabbits...I can link you up with some info on that.  We also do have some that don't get along all that great one-on-one...but are great neighbors to each other.  And why not think about moving Daisy..and maybe a friend..inside the house.  Having rabbits inside allows you the chance to see what they are really like...and we have some that like to play games.

In the meantime, spend as much time with Daisy as possible.  And give her some things to pass the time.  A stuffed animal, some hard plastic keys, a plastic soft drink bottle with marbles or coins inside to make noise, a plain paper bag, empty paper towel rolls, an old phone book with the shiny pages removed, newspaper or just a huge pile of hay to play in.  Keep her mind active, stimulated and distracted from the loss of Smudge.

But a direct answer to your question....I would suggest gettng her a friend to companionship.