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kits death after 72 hours

22 10:32:52

We have a rabbit Holland lop that delivered 5 kits on 2/29
All looked to be in good health, even the runt. Within 24 12 hours one had died. Within 72 hours the other 4 had died as well. Right after they were born, I put on gloves et moved them carefully to a nesting box. I left a light on over them so that they may stay warm. I cannot figure out what went wrong. The only thing I can think of is is that the gloves smelled like my dogs, as I use these gloves outside alot. The rabbit is healthy, excellent diet, well cared for, et the kits were perferct. They did look dehydrated when I checked them et they did not have the big belly just feed look. Any ideas as to what caused this. Thanks, Sarah

hi sarah -it seems you should have put plenty of hay in the cage soshe could make a nest -i suspect because you moved them the doe abandoned the kits and did not feed them-when my does have babys i dont look in the nest for about 2-3 days so the doe gets comfortable with them