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22 10:32:52

hi i came back from school today and saw that oreyo  is almost furless on his nose. i think it was caramela who took the fur out she has alway been rough when grooming other even me she  always tends ti nibble hard when she grooms and also lick at the same time. but my consurn is that oreyo has a little of white flakes on his nose its kinda rough when u feel it. at first i thought it was mites but it cant be cause if it was, caramela would have mites too and he would be scratching it but he's not he seems very normal he's playing sleeping eating pooping normaly and the only time he scratches himself was when he was grooming himself and thats it. should i be worried? he seems 100% perfectly  okay! what could this be??

Hi Sara,

you need to separate them so your other rabbit can't continue to do this.

If you were worried or the area looks infected, take your rabbit in to your good regular rabbit vet.  If not you can put a small amount of preparation H (works excellent on rabbit skin) on the exposed skin.  Not too much but just enough to cover.  once a day unless it seems t get worse, and in that case, you're back to going to the vet.