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Spayed female bunny

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Hi, my 7 month female bunny has just been spayed 4 days ago, she is producing droppings and seems fairly active.She has lost a bit of weight just by looking at her and she seems to be off her food. Is this normal behaviour?
she is normally a good eater but never drinks much water. She is also going through a course of parasite treatment 4th day in of 9 day course. The medicine is: "Panacur" oral wormer paste. Could this be the reason?
Any help would be must appreciated.
Look forward to your reply, thanks

It's good that she is producing droppings.  But is she a little off her food or not eating at all?  If not eating at all, that could get pretty serious, and you should get your rabbit in for an appointment to have her checked out.  

Normally a spayed rabbit will be a little off for a day or two, but usually they pick up eating again.  Four days seems a little long for her to be off.  But if she doesn't drink much water to begin with, it may not take much for her system to start having some gi problems.  Which is something you want to watch for.  If she completely isn't eating at all, or her droppings get smaller than normal or if she isn't making them at all, an appointment with the vet is in order.

But you can try getting her to eat more by offering her favorite foods.  If she eats vegetables, you can wash them right before you give them.  This will give her system some more fluids.  Or you can try syringe feeder her with a mixture listed at the bottom of this page:

If she still seems off for another day or two, it wouldn't hurt to give your vet a call.  They have medicine that can help with appetite.  And any concerns with eating is something that shouldn't go too long without getting a vet involved as gi problems can develop and get serious.  But hopefully, she'll start getting back to her normal eating pattern.