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bunny babies

22 10:28:37

Hi i have a couple of questions. my bunny is about 8 months old and i would like to breed her with a bunny that is about 3 years old is that okay? Also how do you know that one's a boy or a girl. One more can the babies be outside when the mom gives birth  or later on when they are young about 2 weeks old? well hope you can help yhx alot

Hello paige!
Well yes you can breed the two together.
Its hard to tell you how to sex the rabbits its not hard with the bucks try to turn him over and see if his testicles are hanging down between his legs near his tail. if not you may have to move some fur away to get a better look.
At this time of the year the babies will be fine outside.
good luck remember 29-32 days is all it takes.
Dan V