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Holland lop ears with one lopped ear

22 10:26:39

Hello Dr.Dana I have a question regarding my 4 month old Holland lop bunny. I bought her about a week ago and I noticed only 1 of her ears lop down and the other stays straight up and never falls even when the other one does. Do you know what this means and is it something I need to be concerned about?


Dear Fallon,

Holland Lops often have ears that don't lop down completely, and especially when they are interested in something, their ears can be almost upright.  Lopping of the ears is controlled by more than one gene, so rabbits can very from having completely upright ears to ears that lop partly down (The Helicopter) to one ear up and one ear down (The Unicorn).  It depends on the individual's genetics.

When you take your bunny to your rabbit-savvy vet:

for his wellness check, have the vet look in the ears to be sure there's no trouble, as with mites or ear infection.  But unless there's a medical problem, the ear partial lopping isn't a concern.

Hope this helps.