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My new rabbit turns out to be a boy not a girl

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I have got a female rabbit (un-neutered Netherland Dwarf), she is about 5-6 years of age.  I recently bought another 'female' rabbit (9 week old Lop eared) to keep it company.  I first kept them separated as I know they would fight having a new one in the other one's territory.  They seemed to get along fine so I let them out together, holding them at first and gradually just watching them.  As soon as I let them go, the new rabbit went and straight away jumped on my older rabbits back.  I know rabbits do this wether they are both female/male but it seemed a bit strange!!! I had my suspicions, as to wether the place I bought it from had sexed it right.  So today I took my new rabbit to a local rabbit breeder to ask if she could tell me the sex and guess what it's a MALE. As he ended up having his wicked way with my female rabbit, could she be pregnant?  Some people say she could be, some say that the male is too young.  Please help!!!  I have rang where I got it from as insisted on talking to the boss.  I explained what happened and that I didn't want to return him, as my 2 little kids have already grown attached to him.  I told them I wasn't happy and they are giving me a full refund to put towards having him done!!!  It's taught me a lesson, NEVER TRUST A PET STORE OR ANYWHERE THAT SELL'S LIVE STOCK, THEY CAN'T SEX THEIR ANIMALS RIGHT.  MY ADVICE IS, IF YOU WANT A RABBIT ETC GET ONE FROM AN EXPERIENCED BREEDER OR SANCTUARY THAT KNOW!!!

hello debbie

i totally agree with you, as this has also happened to me before and my bunny got hurt becasue of it. from that point i have never brought a rabbit from a pet shop again. your female rabbit is most probably pregnant and unfortunatly this is not good news because of her age. a male rabbit reaches sexual maturity at around 7-8 weeks old which means they are able to breed this young. she is really too old to have babies and the first litter of a female bunny should be between 5-9 months. if she is pregnant then you will have to monitor her very closely and she may need trips to the vet often for check ups it will also be very difficult during birth, however there is still a very small chance that she and her babies will be just fine when giving the right care.

hope this helps and let me know if i can help you with anything else