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administering Ivomectrin paste 1.8%

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I have read that you can give rabbits the Ivomec injectable solution for mites; my rabbit has mites in her ears and she has the flakey white wax buildup and i believe a skin fungus (she has a few hard nodules in her skin along her spine)and yesterday started getting off balance when she would go to scratch her ear--i was hoping to avoid the vet and give her ivomec or ivomectin to see if it would get rid of her mites.  we have had her less than a year, but she is a house rabbit who also goes out in a backyard that is visited by cats. Is the Ivomec 1% safe to administer orally, or is the 1.87% Ivomectrin paste (given at the proper dosage for rabbits--not horses, of course?)

Dear Lesa,

We never use ivermectin any more to treat mites or mange.  We've found that far better than ivermectin is Revolution/Stronghold (selamectin), which is available from your vet.  Please see:

The white crusts are not fungal, but generated by the mites. Very itchy and miserable!  The sooner the selamectin is given, the sooner your bunny will have relief from this scourge.

You can get Revolution from any good vet, but preferably from a rabbit vet:

I hope this helps.