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Leaving for a holiday without bunny

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I have to travel for a week and Beto, my male dwarf bunny, is staying home
with a sitter. It is really hard on both of us, so I wanted to know if there is
anything I can do to make it easier on him. He knows the sitter already and
the sitter knows his routines well, but will see him only at nights and early
mornings. Is there anything I can do  to make him feel ok? Does leaving
something behind with my scent would help?

Dear Veronica,

Leaving him in the familiar setting of your home is the best thing you can do for him.  He will miss you and the constant attention he gets, but unless he is *very* sensitive, he should be okay.  Just be sure the sitter watches very closely for any signs of depression that are leading to stress-induced ileus or other illness, and have her read:

and know a good rabbit vet, in case of emergency:

Your scent will be all around the house, so a specific item isn't necessary.  Just familiar surroundings and his "home turf" will be the best thing for him.

This is one reason I always strongly urge people with a single bunny to consider spay/neuter and then setting up some "blind dates" for the bunny with eligible "bachelors" at the local rabbit rescue foster home:

A bunny left behind with a bunny partner is *far* less likely to become depressed and lonely, and a bonded pair will be happy together even while you're away on shorter, daytime trips.  Here's a great overview, to see if this could be a solution for you in the future:

Hope this helps!