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Bunny Foot

22 10:15:09

Ok, so i went out to clean the bunnies cage today. I went to go give her a carrot. She smelled it and came limping. Then i notice "Odie's" foot was turned into her stomach. My first thought was a tumor because she has a lump right above her tail but now I'm not too sure... She's not as full as life like she usually is. It looks like she's in pain. I havent taken her to the vet yet because they are already closed. Help Please!!!

Dear Victoria,

Without seeing the problem, it's hard for me to tell what's wrong.  But if her foot is turned in the wrong way, she may have caught it on something and broken or dislocated it.  There is nothing to do but get her to the vet ASAP:

which I hope you've done by now.  Please write back if you have any other questions, but note also that in my introduction I say that if you have a veterinary emergency you should check the web site above for an emergency vet.  Help on the internet, by its very nature, is almost never instantaneous, and I can't do anything over the internet to help the bunny.  She needs to be seen by a vet in person for the help she needs.

I hope she will be fine.