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sore hocks ?

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QUESTION: I have a rabbit about 5 yrs old i think which pulled some
of the fur off his feet he did it i think to clean his feet
and now i can see his bare skin in some places on both
feet. one foot the skin is red and is cracked minorly and
the other foot looks better than that foot anyways what i
wanted to find out is if the fur will grow back and how to
treat the feet so they don't get infected or turn in to
open sores (just to go in to detail there is no bleeding
its not an open wound)is there certain creams maybe
moisturizers. Iv'e been applying something thats meant for
minor cuts and sores just because i don't know how to treat
it. please answer

ANSWER: Dear Marc,

This article should answer most of your questions:

Once you've read it, please write back to me if you have any additional questions.

Hope this helps.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I just wanted to ask if i needed to see a vet or should i
first try the bandaging and then if that doesn't work then
go see the vet ? because if the vet is going to tell me the
same thing then i don't see the point on seeing the vet at
this point in time

Dear Marc,

If there are no open sores, then you might try the padding and wrap first.  Be very careful that it's not too tight, and try to smooth any existing hair on the bottoms of his feet over the bald patches to "train" the hair that way.

If there is any sign of an open sore, then I'd have a vet take a look before you attempt any wrapping.  You can find a good rabbit vet here:

Good luck,