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Thin rabbits

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I have 3 Flemish Giant does, and 2 of them are starting to get thin. They are all in a large area together. They are about 6mths old, so they are still growing. I free feed them, so they have food available all day long. Is there something I could feed them to help them gain back the weight they have lost?



I would try to feed them separately.  The one who is not losing weight is most likely the dominant rabbit and she may be eating the bulk of the food.

Hopefully you are giving them lots of hay, they can have unlimited hay and should because otherwise there is nothing they are eating to push through the fur they ingest from grooming.  They will develop blockages and die unless this is prevented.

At six months old, you can still free feed them without worrythey will get fat.  At 1 year old you need to stop doing this and only give 1/4 cup of pellets per 5 pounds body weight, per day.  They can always hav unlimited timothy hay as rabbits are designed to eat grass hay and will not get fat on timothy hay.

But try separating them at mealtime so everyone gets a shot at food.  The dominant rabbit gets groomed by the other two more than she will groom back, so the thinner two are at greater risk of hair blockages.  Make sure they have timothy hay that is topped off with fresh hay several times a day.  They are 24/7 grazers.