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22 10:09:09

Hi I was wondering if woody pet horse bedding would be OK rabbit litter. I was worried about it expanding in my rabbits stomach if she eats it, would this be a problem?

Dear Katherine,

The only type of litter we use is pelleted pine sawdust, which is what I think you're describing.  It's sold as Equine Pine, but you can also use wood stove pellets (cheaper!) from Home Depot or other outlet.  We've never seen our bunnies eat them, so I doubt that would be a problem.  

If bunny *does* nibble a pellet or two, it shouldn't be a disaster.  The pellet will crumble into sawdust in the intestine, and should pass uneventfully, since rabbits have intestinal flora that can digest cellulose (the main component of wood), if not lignin (the tougher stuff in wood, but there's less of it).

Don't use pine shavings.  The pellets are fine.  We've used them for years, and they are *excellent* for absorbing odor.  Plus, they make great compost!  :)  

Hope this helps.