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bunny pulled out hair

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When I first moved to Hawaii we brought our drawf bunny from home.  We also wanted him to have a playmate so we bought a small lop. We were told it was a male. Well 2 months later it is a female. She started pulling out her hair so we were guessing she was pregnant. Its been 3 to 4 days so far and she stopped pullin out her hair and hasnt really made a nest. I took the father out when she started pulling out hair because I wasnt sure how far along she was. What is wrong? Did I take him out too soon? Is she upset or something? Thank you for your help.

Dear Ashley,

You might have gotten lucky this time, and it's a false pregnancy.  Please use the vet referral list here:

to find a good rabbit vet in your area (I know of at least one in Hawaii).  You need to be sure she's actually not pregnant, and not having trouble delivering a very large baby.  Please also read:


Both bunnies should be fixed so that they can stay together without the risk of constant litters (one every four months!  Four to six babies each time!), and be a snuggly pair forever.

Hope this helps.