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false pregnancy reaql pregnancy or sick bunny?

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Hi i was wondering if you could help me i have a female dutch rabbit approx 8 months old i put a male in with her and they seemed to mate however 2 weeks later i palpated her stomach but could feel no babies the other female i mated a few weeks before has now had her babies and i could feel she was pregnant. My young dutch is now pulling her fur as if to build a nest but i see no sign of babies. She has now pulled so much hair that she is copleatly bald on her rear end i am reluctant to take her to the vets (but will do so if you recomend it) in case she was actually pregnant and i just have not seen the babies yet in which case i dont want to stress her too much. Do you think she is having a false pregnancy and do you think it is advisable to take her to the vets. She seems fine otherwise although her appetite is not as it was before she is still eating

Dear Barbara,

Normal rabbit gestation lasts 28-31 days, so if she is building a nest after only two weeks, it's more likely that this is a false pregnancy.  Please see:


If you have the least concerns about her being sick, please get her to the vet for a check up to be sure.  Better safe than sorry.

Hope this helps.