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ec treatment

22 9:57:15

Hi Dana

I finally have the panacure and the torazuril to treat the EC.  

The following is based on a dose for rabbits requesting 20mg/kg of panacure  along with 50 mg/kg of totrazuril for 30 days.

My pharmacist helped me figure the dose in ml.   
The Panacur is a 10% suspended liquid used in goats.   I will give .4 ml for every 4 pounds.

Totrazuril/Baycox is 5%, the active ingredient is 50g/L.   So I will give 1/2 ml or cc for every pound.   That seemed like a lot to me so I wanted to double check with you to see if that seemed right to you.   It probably is.  I just thought darn, how am I going to convince the bunny to go along with this.   My four pound monster is not that cooperative.  Can I add it it to a food treat and syringe it?

What do you think?


Dear Terri,

Yes, the Baycox volume is pretty large, so no worries.  It sounds as if you have the right formulas.  And you can add it to a treat if you're sure The Monster will eat the whole treat and get the whole dose.  Otherwise, it should be given via syringe, and then followed by a special little treat.  :)

Good luck!