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English lop bunnies

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My westie got under my rabbit cage and got to my 4-week old bunnies feet.  Two of the back fret of two of them had the flesh totally removed from two of their toes.  When I found them I immediately rinsed off all of the blood with water and was able to put some antibiotic ointment I had when the mother had an injury when she was a bunny.  The wounds are healing with no sign of infection so far... Wat about the two bones exposed on the two bunnies... I do not believe the flesh is going to come back.

Hi Nat,

The only thing you can really do is take them to a vet and have a clean amputation done.  Some rabbits have survived with missing toes from their mothers being over eager at birth but with them being 4 weeks old and the bones exposed they aren't going to heal on their own.  A vet is going to need to cut the bone a bit above the flesh so that the flesh can grow over the bones.  It is really up to you what you want to do but if you have a commercial or show operation and they are not your precious pets euthanasia is another option.  In good conscious I can not recommend what you should do but if they were my bunnies I wouldn't let them suffer without consulting a rabbit savvy vet.

If you choose a vet and you don't have one you can try here:

Good luck