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Breeding French Lop

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Hi.  I have just started out breeding French Lops.  I am breeding for color trying to get tris.  Anyway, I just purchased a 6 month old B/O Harliquin.  I have 2 3 month old does.  I had thought my rabbits were secure, but my 3 month old solid chestnut was found in the harlequin's cage.  She had slipped through a small opening.  I had not checked on them for 4-5 hours thinking they were safe.  I found the 6 month old buck mounted on top of my 3 month old buck.  I'm not sure how long she was in there, if he had penetrated her, but I could smell his sperm on her.  I know they aren't supposed to breed until 9 months.  At what age can a French lop start producing babies?  I know if she is pregnant she will die.  I plan to call my vet tomorrow.  Apparently there is a shot to abort the babies?  I will take her to the vet for this shot, but I'd still like to know if you know what the earliest age a French lop doe can start to produce babies.

Hi Brittany,

A rabbit can start having babies as young as 12 weeks old.  Yes it is possible that your rabbit could be pregnant.  Although it is not entirely safe it is not necessarily an emergency.  Some young rabbits tolerate having babies and others have difficulty passing them.  I would be concerned if she is a smaller French Lop but there isn't a whole lot you can do about it now unless you want to have her spayed.  I have never heard of plan B for rabbits and probably wouldn't even consider it if there was such a thing, unless there had been numerous studies done on rabbits.  I would normally tell you to have your rabbit spayed but in the grand scheme of things it would make her useless in your tri breeding program.  You are going to have to make the decision if you are willing to risk her life to have babies or if you want her to be your pet.  Although I would have her spayed I will not lecture you and will let you decide that on your own.  That being said I can't tell you how many mere 12 week old rabbits have come into our rescue only to have babies themselves 30 days later.  We have had some get stuck kits and they required emergency spays but we have never lost one.  That doesn't mean it wont happen.

Good luck on your tris.  I have never seen tri Frenchies I bet they are beautiful.