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new rabbit not eating or moving in hutch

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I just brought home a rabbit that's 8 weeks old and he won't move at all in his hutch or eat or drink. Maybe he's scared because i have a large golden retriever but I'm worried that it might be fatal if he doesn't eat. before I brought him home however he already ate a lot of carrots and celery and grass so I was wondering, is it true that rabbits under 6 months should be given no vegetables? Perhaps he sick from eating those so he won't eat now?
Thank you so much

Dear Joyce,

Please get this poor little baby inside and away from the dog.  The stress of all this scary new stuff could certainly be stressful enough to be fatal.

Please go here:

for all the best information on bunny care.

If the hutch is indoors (which is certainly best), please put it in a place where the dog cannot go until the bunny is more accustomed to the new place.  The most important thing is to reduce stress and make bunny feel safe.  A companion bunny might help with this, but be cautious with this, as even very young bunnies can be aggressive and territorial.

Please see:


Also, if you see *any* sign of runny stool, please read:

I hope this helps.