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Eating but not putting on weight

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Trevor bunny
Trevor bunny  
QUESTION: My male bunny-Trevor,spayed,is about 10 months old,at his teens now, if not mistaken by judging his color and size,is a standard chinchilla breed. I've been feeding him with timothy hays, pellets, fresh green leafy veggies,and occasionally apple and bananas.  He has never gone out of food and his diet is pretty well balance. He does not refuse food, but he is not putting on weight, I mean having 'meat', basically is his coat that makes him look big. I can feel his spinal bone on his back and his pelvic bone is very prominent.  I took him to the vet for examination and the doctor commented his is fine for his weight of 2kg.  I like in Malaysia where the quality of pet care and experience rabbit doctor is limited.  I'm concern for the undetected.  What could possibility happen to him ? Does rabbit have such thing as de-worming ?

ANSWER: Hello there.
Some rabbits just dont put on lots of fat.
I would try some mineral ie salt spools.
& try only dry timothy hay & Rabbit pellets 16%.
lots of fresh clean water. lay off the greens it may be giving him the runs. This may explain why he dont put on weight.

Good luck

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QUESTION: Thanks for your prompt response and recommendation, will give it a try. But how do I add-in the mineral and where can I get them, as pet supplies in Malaysia is not as comprehensive and extensive as in the US & UK. Will gradually lay off the greens as he loves them very much and regard it as his 'main course'. Could orchard grass be given to him too ? Trevor somehow is quite picky at food, he prefer leaves then stem, and it has to be fresh. Any left overs that has lost its original scent, sweetness and crispiness, he just won't take them. Can a moderate carbohydrate food #ie.rice#be given ?

Many Thanks & Regards,

ANSWER: Hello there.
You can order online from BASS Equipment.
There they will have the salt spools.
It sounds like you really need to feed only rabbit pellets and some dry grass ONLY feed snacks (carrots and bananas only..) After the pellets are gone. By letting him have too many greens you are not giving him enough nutritious food.
No orchard grass unless it is dry.
Good luck.

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It has been a few days now since I put my both bunnies - Trevor & Dutch on a new diet as recommended by you.I manage to get the salt spools from a pet shop in Malaysia, they called it 'lick salt'. Trevor only occasionally lick on it for a couple of times, I wonder if that would be sufficient for him to get what he suppose to have.  And Dutch has been chinning on it more than licking it, but when he does, he actually bite on it, would that be safe ? Dutch is about 5 years old, not neutered due to his elderly age.  Both have been looking for greens as I've not been feeding at all, only timothy hay, pallets and carrot,  I wonder i I can give them 2-3 leaves of green since they have not been taking them for a few days.

Thanks & Regards,

Glad you have both on a proper diet.
I highly reccomend you keep them off greens.
It is up to you to do what you want. But in the 1st question you were concerned about their health & weight.
I have given you what I believe is the best advise.
Stay away from greens there is not much nutritional value for you beloved rabbits.
Carrots are far better. If you feel like you owe them more give bananas they taste great and are good treet.
Good luck