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Rabbit selective eating

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My rabbit isn't eating his nuggets or muesli, however he is eating a lot of other things such as watercress, grass, hay and treats. Yet he hasn't eaten any of his nuggets.
We know it can't be his teeth because about a month ago he had the back molars filed down and he was eating perfectly again after it until yesterday where he just stopped eating his nuggets.
Can you help me please?
Thank you in advance!

Hi Sasha,

I strongly recommend that you take your bunny back to the vet.  Molar spurs can return very rapidly.  The first sign is usually pellets not being eaten.  They will continue to eat the veggies because they are soft and easier to chew.  Is your bunny drooling?  That is also a sign that something is not right with the teeth.

Even if it is not the teeth this is something that can cause the rabbit to decline rather rapidly.  Sometimes the vet can prescribe a little bit of pain medication that can help if it is only a minor issue.  Without a proper examination it is difficult to tell what is wrong with your bunny.

I wish I could be more help but without seeing him I can't tell you for sure what is wrong.  I do hope that he starts eating again.  I know it can be very scary when a bunny stops eating.

Good luck