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diarrhea, now stop eating but no more diarrhea

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Dear Dana,
hai dana, i have a bunny.. he is almost 2 years old.. last friday exactly on 25 sept he had diarrhea but still wanted to eat. I gave him baycox on saturday he was cured.. but on this wednesday he has a diarhea again then i gave him fiberflex since his tummy looks so hard..i tried to put it on the leaf.. but he found out that i put some fiberflex on it and he doesn't want to the whole plate of vegetable and he also doesn't want to eat his dry food.. he just sat down and hunched up but sometimes lays his body just as normal bunny.. but he can not stop having his diarrhea. When i try to touch him he started felt annoyed and sometimes he bit me.. and try to push my hands away.. i cannot touch his tummy or his tail to check out what had happened. And i gave him baycox again and the next day the diarrhea stopped.. at noon i saw him eat some vegetables but not much.. at night i brought him to the vet and he was given another baycox and fiberflex again.. on friday he stopped eating.. i tried to feed him the stem of the vegetable he ate little.. look at this condition indecide to take him to vet again.. this time he was feed with baycox and critical care as he didn't want to eat.. since yesterday until now he doesn't poo at all.. last night i massaged his tunmy for 2 hours and finally he peed.. what does dana think about my bunny? What should i do? Tq

Dear Zoe,

I think these articles will help you figure out what is going on, but the symptoms you describe are quite vague.  These problems could be caused by any number of things.  But start here:


If he is producing NO poops, then read this immediately:

An enema can make all the difference in the world if the GI tract has actually shut down.  Please read this and view the video demonstration:

Intestinal problems can often have their root in health problems that seem unrelated to the GI tract.  Incorrect diet is a very common cause, so please read:

Another very common trigger for ileus and runny stool is dental problems:

I hope these help.  Please feel free to share any of this information with your veterinarian.