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puppy question un-answered

19 13:57:01

I recieved the following email instead of the answer to my question. After the response from site will be my question. I would greatly appreciate an answer or if answer is unknown please let me know or forward the answer that was "sent" to my email address because answer certainly was never sent. Thank you

What was sent to me:
I have already answered this question for you once before.

Your Question was:

Hello, my name is Jessica, a owner of a 5 month old yorkie puppy. My
puppy started trembling for no reason today for about 8 minutes. Is this
a sign of Hypoglycemia? I am currently "dog sitting" another yorkie
puppy that is 4 months old- could that be causing her stress? The "guest
puppy" has been here since Sunday and it is now Thursday, and she will
be here until this Sunday. Additional information: She started trembling
shortly after eating her food.. I thought that maybe she was choking (I
rubbed her throat) but that didnt appear to be the case. Thank you for
your help and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you,

Hi Jessica, the reason you received that e-mail was that two of the same questions were sent to me, so to clean out my questions all the duplicates were sent that message.  Here is the answer to your question:

Is your puppy still trembling after eating?  Actually a sign of hypoglycemia is seizures, not trembling when the blood sugar drops too low.  If the shaking continues after eating then you need to take her into the vet as there could be something else internally going on.  Hope this helps,