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Boston terrier skin trouble

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Rams the boston terrie
HII have a boston terrier, male, 22months old, 16.7 Lbs.
I have owned him about six months, He came to me haveing just completed treatment for scarcoptic mange. But he continued to scratch, took to vet and they feel he has an allergic reaction to the demadex mite, and that it is common in bostons and a few other breeds. Daily ivermectin is the treatment  at .25ml orally. This does help the itching almost 100% , I have tried to adjust the dosage down abit, (NOT UP) but ultimately .25 is the best. The irritation has been confined to his muzzle and ears. Also a supplement of fish oil was recommended. I also give acidophilus daily. His food is Taste of the Wild, pacific salmon variety ,and a tabls. of Merrick brand canned (with no grain). at lunch i have been giving a tabls. of cottage cheese as a snack. Recently ( about for a month) he has developed an irritation that began on his neck in throat area and now is showing up on his belly and insides of his front and  hind legs. He itches these areas alittle but mostly licks at them. I feel its allergy related. In that he has a genetically compromised immune system to start with. I can take him to the vet and will, but got to reading some of your info and would appreciate an opinion from you. Am also concerned about keeping him on ivermectin forever, Thats got to do damage. I do bathe him in an allergy formula shampoo, Magic brand, every 1 1/2 - 2 weeks. NO other symptoms though. VERY good eater and active. I am interested in an immune suppport supplement.

Poor little Rams!  I may be able to help along with your Vet, too.
I would think the Ivermectin can be tapered off over some time:
Info about this drug:
IVERMECTIN - This is one of the most effective treatments against Sarcoptes scabei yet is is off-label as far as the FDA is concerned. There are several protocols due to the very long activity of this drug in the body. Typically an injection is given either weekly or every two weeks in 1-4 doses.
After the above, most of the time the Mange is gone.
 Secondary infection with yeast and bacteria are quite common in cases of canine and feline mange, leading to a cascade of clinical progression that can become very severe and uncomfortable for the pet.  

Make sure your vet  knows all the Vitamins and supplements your pet is taking...OK.

OK, I see you are using a Probiotic - Make sure it is a very Fresh and good one:
This is the one I refer to for most of my clients:
Flora Force: I would give 2 per day for 10 days then 1 per day for 60 days... ( hide in food)

NEXT, the Ivermectin may be decreased over time..... Just see if you can get the ( ? ) secondary yeast under control...Time will tell:
Let your vet know you are very concerned about keeping your Boston kid on this type of toxic drug...

The Ivermectin Makes the Body have an EVEN LOWER immune System:
I would give some NuVET Plus to help build the system:
here is the link for more info on the NuVET program...
cost is 19.95 for one month dosage //// JUST 1 wafer per day.

Also, I would give your baby a bath in Tea Tree Oil doggie Shampoo...
NuVET does sell one - see link above...
JUST give a bath every week or every other in the Tea Tree Oil.

Also, last, I would give 1 garlic per day / small dosage / Garlic is a natural Antibiotic... Safe if taken in small dosages.
here is what I refer my clients to:

The food you are feeding is great : I would continue that unless you want to try Wellness CORE / salmon food : grain free.

My number one referral to you is the NuVET for the Immune system... YOU can start with 2 per day for the first 30 days and then drop down to 1 per day / The wafers are yum yum good , too.
They give a 60 day money back guarantee...

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BEST wishes, Keep in touch with me...
Keep your vet posted, too

Marie Peppers LPN MA