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chattering teeth

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Sometimes my yorkie chatters her teeth (like she is cold, but she isn't). It happens after she yawns or after she finishes grooming herself.  She doesn't seem to be in pain, it's just alarming! Should I be worried about this?

Dear Chrissi,

There is nothing to worry about.  I have had some Yorkies that did this and some that did not.  It was never a problem and I always found it to be kinda cute.  As long as your pet is eating, drinking and playful there is usually nothing to worry about.

With that said I would like to tell you that Yorkies (actually almost all toy breeds) sometimes have problems with seizures.  If your pet seems disoriented or if the chattering goes on for more than a few seconds you may want to take her to your vet to have her checked out.

I hope this helps!