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Strange Behavior

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I got a 2 and 4 months ago yorkshire terrier, recently her previous owner pass away and I now kept her. But she always rub against the floor or nearly everything when she is bored or excited. As if she is crazy, pulling her hair out. Please let me know how to stop this, she is also very posessive, I just can't play with her (toys)she just guard it.


It sounds like there could be a couple of things going on.  First of all yorkies usually attach themselves to one person.  They are friendly and loveable with others but the person they attach themselves to is their main interest.  If she has just gone through loosing that main person she could be exhibiting the behaviors because she is going through separation anxiety.  If that is what is going on then there is little you can do for her except give her lots of love and reassurance that you love her.

The other possibility is that she could have skin allergies.  Yorkies are known for having skin allergies which will cause them to constantly be itching themselves.  The rubbing on everything that you describe indicates that an allergy could be present.  The only way to treat the skin allergy is to take her to a vet and get an allergy shot.

As for her being possessive, do you know if she was like that with her former owner?  If not then she is probably protecting what she perceives as a part of her former owner.  It has the smells of her former owner and if she is going through separation anxiety then she is hanging on to the last thing she has of her former owner.

I hope this answers your question.