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too young...what to do? PLEASE HELP!!

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QUESTION: our 8 month old yorkie was in heat for the first time not long ago. afew weeks later we had noticed that she has been acting diferently and her belly has got quite alot bigger around her teets( which have swolen up). we have another yourkie who is 7 months, we thought he was too young but it seems that he has managed to get her! is she pregnant and will this harm our female or the puppies because of her age?

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I would say she is definitely pregnant.  It is never a good idea to breed them before they are a year old because their bodies have not fully matured.  However, since it has already happened there is nothing you can do about it.  You should never underestimate a male when a female is in heat.  My brother had a female lab and a male basset hound and when she started getting a big stomach they thought she was sick or had worms.  To this day we laugh about that because my brother thought that they would not be able to breed because of the size difference.  We still don't know how he managed to reach her but he found a way.  She gave birth to 6 basadors and they were the funniest looking puppies I've ever seen.

Now that your female is pregnant you should know what to expect so if you send me your email address I will send you a word document that I have on breeding and birthing yorkies.

There is a section in there that details what you should feed a pregnant female to help her maintain her bones and general health.  You should read that part carefully and follow the instructions.

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QUESTION: i know i have already asked you but my 10 month old yourkie is very big anyway,and she gets a lot of excorsise as ve live on a common, and she comes out with us when we ride, will this make a difference to her being pregnant?


I'm not quite sure what you mean when you say will this make a difference to her being pregnant.  You should restrict her exercise about two weeks before the puppies are due so she doesn't hurt herself or the puppies.  Try to think of it in terms of a human.  A yorkie is pregnant for 9 weeks and a human for nine months.  So basically each week a yorkie is pregnant is a month for a human.  If you were 8 months pregnant would you go out running?  Just try to use common sense and she should be fine.