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I have a yorkie named Precious.  She still has her dewclaws.  Should they be removed or is it ok that she keeps them


As long as you keep the nails cut short you should not have to have them removed.  While it is a good idea to have them removed when they are puppies it is more painful and harder on the dog when they are older to take the dew claws out.  The only reason you would need to do it at this late date would be if you were planning to show her.  Except for the show quality of having the dew claws removed the only other reason is that the nails can grow in circles back into the dogs skin which can be very painful.

I have had dogs that had the dew claws and ones that did not and again, it only mattered if I was going to show the dog.  So I would have to say you really have nothing to worry about.  Just keep an eye on the claws to make sure you keep them cut so they don't hook and hurt your baby.