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yorkie puppies

20 11:37:50

Dear Melinda,
   I found Janet's question and respose.They were helpful.
    While reading other responses,something sparked a concern. The two boys were born at about 6 oz. They are eight days old and about 14 oz. Are they gaining too quickly? All they do is eat. She started leaving her whelping box 2 days ago. Is this O.K.? She always checks on them. But seems to be enjoying her little freedom. Everything seems to be going well. Geralyn


Your puppies are not gaining weight too quickly they are probably just going to be big dogs. Because you have so many questions I would like to offer you a word document that answers most of the questions you have asked.  I provide it free on my website.  Go to and you can view and print out the word document.

If you would like a complete guide on Yorkies you can purchase the online book I have written located on the same page.  The downloadable pdf version is available for $9.99.  I volunteer on this website to help people with questions that they need answered, but if someone needs to know everything and not just the basics then I offer either the free word document or the comprehensive guide.  I hope you understand.