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Dear Melinda,
Um.. My Yorkie has her period and i would like to know is how long is the menstruation cycle and when can she have her babies.


Their periods last for three weeks.  The first week she will bleed bright red blood, the second it will become a milky pinkish color and the third she will stop having discharge but her pee pee will be swollen.  If this is her first heat and she is not yet a year old then you cannot breed her until she has reached the age of one.  Day 7 to day 13 of her heat cycle (week two) is when she can get pregnant.

When you do decide to breed her keep in mind that you cannot breed her with a male that is larger or the same size as her.  The optimum ratio is usually a 2.5 to 3 pound male to a 5 to 6 pound female.  I urge you to read as much of the posts on this website as you can so that if and when you decide to breed her you know what you should and should not do.  Knowing ahead of time what to do can mean the difference between having a healthy mother and puppies to the mother, puppies or both dying in childbirth.