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Possible tick/chigger burried in skin?

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My 8 yr. old male cat (Oreo) has had some black "crud" like specs under his white chin for some time.  I thought it was a flea going after the same spot and leaving behind his feces.  On closer inspection it looks more like a black head type crater but since the black cruddy specs keep coming back I wonder if it's a tick/chigger or something similar that has burried most of it's body into his skin and is leaving behind the feces from time to time.  There is very little or nothing sticking out of his skin to grap hold of if it is an insect.  Thanks for looking at this.  Harold

ok, well believe it or not i actually took my cat to the vet for this same problem, the vet looked at me like i was stupid and said "this is called feline acne....yes its a pimple, squeeze it, pop it, do what you normally do to a teenagers pimples"

so yes its pimples. now then. i have done a bit of research and found that there is one major cause for feline acne. plastic food bowls...yup thats what i said. so i switched to metal ones and now i use glass bowls. now it did take almost a month for the acne to clear up, a month of me squeezing the pimples, the pimples got infected, so i squeezed them again, dabbed a bit of peroxide on them and then in about a month, his little chin was thats my suggestion to you, squeeze, check his chin daily, and change your bowls if you use plastic.