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Pythium in Great Pyr


QUESTION: I have a dog with Pythium it is a Great PYr one year old. He had 12 inc. of his intestine removed and it came back pythium, He has severe diarrhea and lots of bright red blood. He has had a series of 3 injection of vaccine and the vet said that is all that can be done. when I begged for more help they gave me 10 day supply of cortisone and said that was it if he doesnt respond and firm up his feces, and recommed putting him down. please give imput. Thanks, Teresa Smith

Maria Bruscini-Peppers LPN MA
Maria Bruscini-Peppers  
ANSWER: Teresa - Wow, did they not do a blood test to determine what it was before they removed the colon tissue.  There is a blood test for Pythium bacteria.  I have attached a great web site for your review; this mom lost her dog to this disease - she had loads of info here.

Yes, Let's try to help this kid.
Antibiotics and antifungals will not work on this situation.
We can try to help him with some Natural vitamins and supplements.
YOU will need to get back to me and let me know what he is eating?
We may need to make some changes in your feeding options.

Ok, I would like you to put him on some canned PURE pumpkin - 1/2 a cup 2 x per day .  ( 1/2 in the am and 1/2 cup in the afternoon).... this should help to add bulk to his stools.

Also, let's give him some Plain Non flavored Metamucil powder - mix this 2x per day in his food - about 2 teaspoons per feeding.
If you can't find this you can get the Apple Flavored Metamucil Cookies/ wafers... Most dogs will eat them.  He would need 3 cookies per day - spread out thru the day...NOT all at once.

LAST - very important is NuVET Plus - Immune System Booster / Vitamins supplement.  I would like to see him on 3 per day for 10 days and then you can put him onto just 2 per day - LONG TERM...
NuVET Heals and Helps to rebuild the Immune System... Also, it ads in digestion and many other ailments.
NOT sold in stores / JUST thru Holistic VETs and Special Breeders:
Please go here and use me as your referral

Please let me know about your feeding - brand and amounts given.
My personal e-mail is:

Marie Peppers LPN MA
I sure hope I can help you and your boy!!!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thankyou for getting back so quickly. IM a rescue of Macaws and Parrots a 501(c)3 but we were called by animal control in Okeechobee Florida, we took the female and the male the female is in good health, the male is so sweet and kind and gentle. He was throwing up all of his food and when they did the surgery they said his intestines were clogged like sasauge, and nothing could get through. So even if they did the blood work they would have had to do surgery, they actually said to put him down, and I said no he and his sibling were to be put down and that is why we saved them, they had been at animal control over 30 days and were to be put down in the morning. We are trying desperetly to save him, but the vet gave him the cortisone and said that is the last thing they would do for him, if he doesnt gain weight or bulk his fesces up. The man at Pam American Labs. IN Texas thought he might be a candidate for 3 more vaccines, but the vet doesnt think so.  I was feeding Orijen Large puppy dog food. (all natural fish, chicken and turkey with vegtables, and not fillers or by products. I just changed it to Hills cannine Id perscription. I did do the pumkin in the beginning but he is stubborn about what he eats, and it is a choir to get him to eat this new food. I also thought maybe putting coconut oil on the food, I thought that might bind him up. Please keep in touch we are desperate to save him he has a beautiful soul, He is still playful and loves people and insists on being petted by anyone willing. He loves his walks and has some giddy up in him. thanks so much .....Teresa

Oh boy!  You are an angel...
I understand him not wanting the Hills because it smells awful!
Can you try to get the Metamucil cookies / Apple cin flavored/  I like them and many of the dogs seem to like them.
Also, how about some Acidophilus 1 billion CFUs - give 2 per day
( you can find this at most health food stores and even some grocery stores)- low cost...

If there is any way you can try the NuVET they do give a 60 day money back guarantee...
Worth a try and no risk.

Sorry that I can't be of more help to you.

Marie Peppers LPN MA

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